The 10 social profiles that every serious tech entrepreneur needs

When you approach social profiles as an entrepreneur you need to figure out which sites are the ones that really matter to your business. Before looking at which social profiles to build, there are two basic questions you need to ask yourself: What social networks are my target market using? First think about which sites[…]

Introducing the best way to share your business card

Introducing the best way to share your business card     “We’ve listened to our faithful users and have worked hard to improve our sharing technology. Our latest release significantly improves the ability to share your info with individuals who don’t yet have the app, making this our best MyKrd experience yet.” That’s right –[…]

impress recruiters

How to impress recruiters with a simple, free hack

  Networking. Networking. Networking. 72% of job seekers found a job through networking. 5% found it on Indeed, Monster or similar resources. But during networking events, you certainly can’t show up with your resume in hand     Sharing a digital business card provide an elegant solution to this problem. You can simply add your[…]