Apps To Help You This Holiday Season



It’s winter, it’s freezing outside, but our homes and hearts are warm and toasty! (Oh, so cheesy, but you know it’s true). This is the season for gift giving, for getting back in touch with old friends and relatives, but with our busy schedules and added holiday bills, it can also be a stressful, if not overwhelming time of year. Here’s our pick of the top apps which can make organising and surviving the festive season easier, and keep a smile on your face!


avoid humansAvoid Humans

Okay, we all like having company, right? But sometimes we’re having a bad day, or feeling overwhelmed and just need some space. Maybe you want to get out and about but don’t want to bump into someone you know, as you contemplate your life. Well, this may just be the app for you. Avoid humans has a handy three point system, which tells you how crowded a place is. So if you’re about to go grab a bite, or just need a quick breather, you can check out if the location is red, yellow or green, and proceed at your will. Pretty handy!





Good Food BBC

Who wants to spend all of the holidays cooking? You want to relax, curl up with a movie on the couch, invite your buds over. The BBC Good Food app can make it super easy and quick to make delicious, healthy recipes, or even delegate the cooking to someone else, while you focus on the myriad of other holiday errands.





Want to send some holiday cheer this season, while still staying in the minds of your professional network?? Try this:

  • make a MyKrd with all your details
  • add a cheery background image
  • link it to your website or portfolio
  • add a personal message
  • better yet, add a picture of yourself
  • send it to your boss, your HR manager, your supervisor, or a recruiter you have just interviewed for.

With a unique and interactive holiday card, you’ll be more likely to remain fresh in their minds after the post holiday season.

Or perhaps you’re planning a holiday party for your co-workers? Send them an invitation with MyKrd:

  • link a map
  • add an RSVP web address
  • add a picture of your house or the venue
  • link all your contact details to get in touch if they get lost on the way, or have to cancel at the last minute.

With a bunch or customisation tools, you’re pretty much limited by your imagination when creating and exchanging a MyKrd.



Depop is a fun way to shop and interact with your friends and family. Think of it as an online shopping app, combined with a social media platform. You can browse, share, like and comment on items for sale, as well as send direct messages to the seller. As a seller, you can set up your own ‘little shop’, as demonstrated in Depop’s video. A boost in side earnings over the holiday season can cheer up anyone!



This nifty app lets you view local deals and buy them from your phone. Shpock is like a hybrid of ebay and a yard sale. If you’re running out of gift ideas, have a million errands to run, and need to do some last minute shopping without driving too far, check out this app. It’s like you’re neighbourhood becomes a vintage store that can make interesting and unique gifts.

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