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How to impress recruiters with a simple, free hack

  Networking. Networking. Networking. 72% of job seekers found a job through networking. 5% found it on Indeed, Monster or similar resources. But during networking events, you certainly can’t show up with your resume in hand     Sharing a digital business card provide an elegant solution to this problem. You can simply add your[…]

Life-Hacks For The Creative Traveller

  When you’re living life on the go, the last thing you want are bulky possessions to weigh you down. How can you lighten the load, and still carry your modern essentials with you?   Bellroy Phone Case Bellroy is a pretty awesome company. They’ve created a handy phone case, which carries your credit cards,[…]

Creative Community Roundup

Welcome to our very first creative community roundup. Here you will find our top selections of art, music, dance, food, movies, fashion, tech, photography and advertising that’s inspiring creative minds. Check out our top content roundup below: Advertising: Man on the moon If this doesn’t make you cry, we don’t know what will. Video via YouTube.  Photography:[…]

5 Design Competitions You Can’t Miss

  Getting your name recognised in the design industry can be tough. Here are five competitions that can help you stand out from the crowd. Print’s Typography and Lettering Competition Print Magazine is tired of the art of typography not getting the credit it deserves. They quote Helmut Schmid who said, “Typography needs to be[…]

Tools Every Freelancer Needs

We all know the story by now. The job market is tough, the economy is lagging, and the number of students and professionals choosing to set up their own businesses is ever increasing. Forbes estimates that up to 50% of Americanswill be freelancers, consultants or other independent workers by 2020. So what does a young[…]