Creative Community Roundup


Welcome to our very first creative community roundup. Here you will find our top selections of art, music, dance, food, movies, fashion, tech, photography and advertising that’s inspiring creative minds. Check out our top content roundup below:

Advertising: Man on the moon

If this doesn’t make you cry, we don’t know what will. Video via YouTube. 

Photography: Modelling with sharks


Just one question – how did he stay so calm while modelling underwater with sharks?!? Image via TrendHunter.

Music: Wintergatan

This band is a new discovery for us…and we’re already obsessed with their combination of indie-euro-techno-coolness. Video via YouTube.

Tech: Body monitoring tattoos


So these digi-tatoos can monitor heat rate, body temperature and hydration levels…is this the future, or a path toward a ‘Terminator’ like machine coup? Image via Cool Hunters.

Gifts: Creepy piggy bank


Okay, is it just us, or is this human-faced piggy bank which ‘eats’ your money kinda creepy? Perhaps the hunt for stocking fillers should continue. GIF via Core77.

So there you have it! Our choice of the week’s creative community roundup.