How to impress recruiters with a simple, free hack

impress recruiters


Networking. Networking. Networking.

72% of job seekers found a job through networking. 5% found it on Indeed, Monster or similar resources. But during networking events, you certainly can’t show up with your resume in hand


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Sharing a digital business card provide an elegant solution to this problem. You can simply add your LinkedIn icon or insert a hotlink to your resume. Using the MyKrd App, the receiver of your card would be able to access your contact information in their inbox, without having to download the app.


With MyKrd you can make a lasting impression in the minds of recruiters. You can personalize your digital business card in seconds, even directly at the networking event to show that you are an innovative person and committed to the job.

MyKrd is a free app available for iOS and Android, check it out:

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