Introducing the best way to share your business card

Introducing the best way to share your business card




“We’ve listened to our faithful users and have worked hard to improve our sharing technology. Our latest release significantly improves the ability to share your info with individuals who don’t yet have the app, making this our best MyKrd experience yet.”

That’s right – A new MyKrd release has finally hit the App and Google Play stores! The new release allows users to share digital business cards via email, with the recipients being able to access the professional details, contact info and social media links of the sender directly. Take a look:



This new feature is a game-changer for entrepreneurs who are looking to boost engagement and interest in their business. Entrepreneurs will now be able to share contact information, website and social media in one tap – and for free. The sharing templates have been carefully designed to entice the recipient into engaging with the links provided. Other brand new features also include:

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Now when you share your digital business card via email, your receiver will have access to your contact info, website and social media directly. MyKrd is the only App in the stores with this feature: other business card apps rely on external links when sharing via email. Our new user-friendly templates are also carefully designed to boost engagement. With the MyKrd App, you can make a lasting impression on business contacts.


Happy sharing!


The MyKrd Team