Life-Hacks For The Creative Traveller



When you’re living life on the go, the last thing you want are bulky possessions to weigh you down. How can you lighten the load, and still carry your modern essentials with you?


Bellroy Phone Case

Bellroy is a pretty awesome company. They’ve created a handy phone case, which carries your credit cards, spare bills and an extra sim card. Talk about travelling light! With just the essentials, you can be out of the door and at your favourite restaurant at lightning speed. Check out the video here.


MyKrd App

Ditch the old school business cards, and get a fancy new digital networking app. Create different cards for professional and recreational purposes, including only the information you want to share. Got some embarrassing pictures on Facebook? Choose to only link the social media accounts you want. Add links to your website or portfolio, or add a map and RSVP link to a party. Network on the go, instead of carrying paper business cards. Check it out on Android and iOS.

Super Slim Travel Wallet

Have you ever misplace your boarding pass? Or needed to borrow a pen to fill in landing forms? Now you can carry everything (even your passport) in a slim, handy travel wallet. It’s big enough to fit most bills from around the world, has space for extra credit cards, AND an extra SIM. Watch the video here.


Light-weight Laptop

The last thing you want to try and fit into your backpack is a bulky laptop. Thankfully, there are some amazingly light (and fancy) ones in the market, including the Lenovo Yoga 3, Microsoft Surface 4, and MacBook Air. However, if you want something light, fast and spacious for a more affordable price, you might want to check out the Asus Zenbook. You’ll be able to run 40+ internet tabs, open multiple Office programs at once, and upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Now that’s a deal! With 10 hours of battery power, you can put it in your backpack, hop on your bike, take pictures, blog and update social media without feeling weighed down.


Travel Website and Blog

How many times have you lost your travel journal? Hop on board the blogging wagon, and store your experiences in the cloud. Not sure which platform to use? Read our previous post to get an idea of the pros and cons of popular website and blog providers.

Now you’re all set to travel across the continents, document your journey, and connect with people from around the globe (or even your local coffee shop). Let only your battery life hold you back!