Say Hello To The Canadian Ad:Tech Participants

cadtech 8 logos

It’s the first day that MyKrd is in New York as one of only eight Canadian companies invited to Ad:Tech. So who are our fellow CAD:Tech participants? Here’s a rundown of our fellow attendees:

1) Flixel
Founded in 2011, Flixel creates living photographs – photographs that move. Available as an app and PC software, Flixel’s user friendly technology lets you isolate parts of a video to create a dynamic photograph, for use in social media campaigns, websites, emails and much more. Flixel’s services have been used by America’s Next Top model, the Emmy’s, Mercedes Benz and various other companies. Check out their awesome video here.

2) Vernon Technology Solutions
Vernon is a technology support company, offering computer and tech rental solutions to businesses across North America. Vernon’s services include kiosks, digital displays, tablets and data destruction, as well as customized services for each client.

3) Psiphon
“The internet is not free if someone, somewhere is denied access.” A powerful statement from a company that allows users from all over the world to access websites that are otherwise blocked in their region. With over 12 million unique weekly users, Psiphon provides services to both individuals and large organisations such as BBC Worldwide, Deutsche Welle and Radio Free Europe. You can view their video here.

4) Cluep
Cluep provides intelligent advertising solutions, based on data insights. Based on a person’s social media conversations, Cluep analyses their mood, location, interests and demographic information, to send targeted advertisements on their mobile devices. Cluep has well known clients such as Saatchi &Saatchi, Coca Cola and Toyota.

5) Samplits
Samplits is a company that delivers what it promises – truly free samples, including shipping! Working with consumer packaged goods such as L’Oreal, Nestle and Colgate, Samplits works on all social media platforms, and allows viewers to order samples without disrupting the browsing experience.

6) Solus Robots
Solus Robots produces five feet tall, Android powered robots, available for retail, security and advertising purposes. With moving arms and a screen as the ‘face’ of the robot, each unit can guide customers, perform perimeter checks and act as 3D billboards.

7) Vantage Analytics
Vantage Analytics provides online business managers with powerful data mining and predictive analytics tools. Users are met with a friendly interface and integration with common online business services (such as shopping carts). Vantage Analytics also provides targeted campaigns across most social media platforms.

8) And in case you missed it, a summary of MyKrd!
MyKrd offers digital networking solutions to freelancers, professionals, groups and individuals, who need to connect for business and recreational purposes. MyKrd allows users to create different cards for different requirements. Users can customize the background of each card, select which social media accounts to include and find mutual connections. RSVP links and maps can be added for event cards. Each card can be shared via email, social media, or directly to nearby contacts.

And there you have it! We can’t wait to connect with all of our CADTech brethren in New York. Look out for our updates from the event!