Sweden’s 6 Hour Work Day – Is It Sustainable?


Sweden is known for many things – excellent healthcare, top notch education, and more recently, for the businesses that are introducing a six-hour workday.

The idea is, that as employees become more tired during eight hours at work, their productivity declines.

Previous experiments have shown positive results, with employees being happier and less stressed at work, when the number of hours was reduced to six.

The question is, if you spend six hours at work, how can you optimise your time for maximum productivity? Here are our top tips that’ll help you work hard so that you can play hard.


Utilise your lunch break

Are you constantly running around, but still don’t feel you’ve achieved enough? Research shows that taking a break and coming back to a task can refresh your mind and help you come up with new ideas. So when you’re feeling sluggish, don’t rush lunch. Take your time, and let your mind take a break, so it can come back more active than before.


Make networking easier

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy app which manages all your contacts, their social media profiles, their websites, and it even updates their details in real time? MyKrd does just that. It’s a tiny secretary in your pocket, with fun, customisable elements to keep you both entertained and organised; so you can focus on landing those key client accounts, instead of scrambling to remember everyone’s name. Check out the app on Android and iOS.


Take care of your nutrition

Are you getting enough greens? Research shows that a poor diet can lead to stress, anxiety and poor performance. Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your body healthy and happy. Consider taking some vitamin tablets, particularly during winter, when vitamin D can run low.


person-woman-apple-hotel-mediumSwitch off your phone before bed

Do you fidget a lot in bed, and find it hard to sleep peacefully? Research has shown that looking at a phone or tablet screen before bed makes it harder to fall asleep. Try maintaining a night time routine, where you switch your phone off and make a warm drink before bed.