Top Three Ways To Give Your Business A Digital Update In 2016



We all want to run successful businesses, right? But how do we keep up with the constantly shifting myriad of apps and tools available that claim to help us do so? Here’s our list of top three must have tools that we’ve personally used to help us in 2016.

Website Analyticssumome-site-site

Let’s start the new year with a new landing page for your website. Do you want to know which parts of your page get the most clicks? How about how much of your page your viewers read before getting bored? SumoMe is a great tool which shows you these things and much more. It’s a full suite of tools and is ready to be plugged straight into your website.

Take our word for it; SumoMe takes the pain out of website analytics. On top of that, you can even run campaigns and track A/B analyses. How much easier can Sumo Me make it?

Digital Business Cards

Now that you’ve updated your website, you’ll want to network with clients and potential leads, right? So how do you direct them to your new page, make as good first impression, and share your contact details with them? Wouldn’t it be great if there was one easy way to do all of that?

Well, the good news is that you can do all of the above, and then some. How about organising your contacts in an easy, scrollable location, with live links that update in real time? Sounds pretty good huh?

Welcome to MyKrd app. It allows you to send, receive and share digital business cards with anyone, anywhere, anytime, through any medium. Send them social links, event updates, maps and pictures. Decide which background you want, or take a unique picture of your original artwork as a background.

The customisation options are about as limited as your imagination. You can even make different cards for different occasions.

Check out MyKrd on Android and iOS.

SEM Rankingsemrush

Once you’re hooked up with a fancy new landing page and your fancy digital business cards, don’t you want to know how your website is ranking against competitors?

Enter SEMRush; the easy way to rank, track and analyze your performance against the industry leaders.

Sure, startups can be scrappy, sure they can be the underdogs, but that’s no excuse for using the wrong keywords and title tags (or worse, ignoring them altogether).  Use SEMRush for easy, rapid access to the keywords you need to be using to boost your online ranking.

Those are our top three tools you need to boost your biz in 2016!