Why You Need Digital Business Cards in 2016

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2015 saw a lot of changes. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S6 Edge, Apple released the iPhone 6s, and digital business cards were all abuzz when we attended ad:tech NY and IIDEX. 

As this year draws to a close, let’s recap the top five ways a digital business or networking card can help you in 2016.

tumblr_nyhcflOuyE1ugyni9o1_1280Business Owners

Small businesses and startups always need to connect with potential clients, distributors, angel investors and venture capitalists. Next time you want to impress an important contact, whip out your digital business card instead of an outdated and non-interactive paper one. All your social media channels, as well as website and portfolio will be up to date, so your contact will get your latest details with the touch of a button. Check out our previous post on the essential tools needed to run a successful business in 2016.


The freelance lifestyle can be paradise. You can set your own hours, be your own boss, decide how much work to take on to balance your other commitments. However, it can also be a stressful and all consuming lifestyle choice. You may constantly find yourself competing with bigger organisations to win clients, or worry about covering all your costs if you take a week off for the holiday season. It’s not an easy ride at the beginning, but once you organise a steady workflow, and set aside adequate time to rest and recharge, it can be a rewarding and well balanced life. To help you reach this stage, read our post on the tools every freelancer needs.

tumblr_nyaaozKWK31ugyni9o1_1280Globe Hoppers

Who doesn’t love to travel? The opportunity to get away from the daily humdrum of life, to see beautiful parts of the world and meet interesting new people. And when it comes to keeping in touch, the last thing you want is to scribble your details on a piece of hotel paper, which can easily get lost or thrown away. To really make a lasting impression, try sending them a digital business card, which auto-updates your details every time you change them. Check out our post on other life hacks to travel light and travel happy.

christmas-xmas-christmas-tree-decoration-mediumHoliday Hermits

We love holidays. Sleeping in, catching up with family, arguing over the dinner table…ahh, bliss. Sort of. If you ever feel like you need a break, need last minute gift ideas, or want a quick fix for a holiday meal, read our post on the apps that can help you survive the holidays with your sanity intact, and a smile on your face.

person-woman-hand-space-mediumNetworking at Events

The usefulness of networking depends on your attitude toward it. If you have an upbeat attitude and are enthusiastic about meeting new contacts, you can make a positive impression about yourself and your product or service. If networking is something you dread, you can work on some casual conversation starters, to get conversation flowing. In both scenarios, a digital business card can help spark interest in prospective connections. If you want to test your networking skills, check out our post on the top tech events in Toronto, during January 2016.


gerardo card blueDifferent Cards for Different Needs

Like most complex beings, humans are multi faceted creatures. We have a professional life, a personal life and a private life. So what happens when you want to connect with people on each of these different levels? One solution is to print several different cards for different situations, and keep them all on hand. Of course, this will be costly and time consuming. An alternative solution is to make multiple digital cards and store them in one place. When you meet someone new, just send them the card that most fits the situation. Read our post on the different types of digital cards you can create, and which ones fit which situations.

Make Your Own Digital Cards

Ready to switch from paper to digital? With electronic business and networking cards, you can create, store, organise and share your entire library of received and sent cards. Customisation, creativity and functionality have never been so easy or cost affective. To check it out for yourself, download our free mobile app for MyKrd iOS and MyKrd Android.